Amid the ongoing ‘hijab row’ in Karnataka, a video has surfaced on social media platforms showing a man disguised as a woman, wearing a burqa, smuggling alcohol. The post insinuates that people are supporting wearing a hijab/burqa so that they can hide and smuggle things inside it.

The video is being shared with the caption, “हिजाब और बुरका क्यो जरूरी समझो साक्षी भी शामिल ????? ये भी आतंकी समर्थित हे।”

(English Translation: Here’s why hijab and burqa are necessary, here’s the proof.)

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral video and found that it isn’t from India.

In the video, one can clearly see police personnel in blue uniform, similar the uniform of Bangladesh Police.

Taking a cue from this and performing a Reverse Image Search along with keywords, we found a news report by Smile TV Bangla published on YouTube on March 11, 2021. The news report carried the same visuals in better picture quality.

The title with the video roughly translates to, “Man disguised as pregnant woman arrested during drug trafficking, sent into custody.”

On checking further, we found a news article by a Bangladeshi news outlet Cplustv Bangla carrying the picture of the same man.  As per the report, the man was disguised as a pregnant woman in a burqa to avoid detection while smuggling alcohol. According to Bangladesh’s law, consumption of alcohol is not allowed for all and one needs a license to drink.

The report further adds that the incident took place on March 9, 2021, and the man was arrested with another woman from the Chittagong-Raozan area in Bangladesh.

Raozan TV and Prothom Alo also reported the incident about the man smuggling alcohol.

Therefore, it is clear that an unrelated event from Bangladesh is being shared with a misleading claim.

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