A video of a fireworks display is widely being shared on social media with a claim that it is of New Year celebrations in Japan.

The video is shared with a caption that reads, “Happy New Year #2022. JAPAN FIREWORKS DISPLAY”

The link to the post can be seen here.


NewsMobile did a fact-check and found the claim to be fake.

On breaking the video into multiple keyframes using the InVid tool and doing a Google Reverse Image Search with one of the keyframes, we found the same video was uploaded by a YouTube channel on December 2, 2017, with the title that read, “HAPPY NEW YEAR INTRO 2018 (Countdown ).” Thus the viral video is old.

We also found that the same video was uploaded by another YouTube channel, hiramu55bocaboca on November 5, 2014. The description of the video mentioned that the firework video was made using simulations. It read, “This is simulation FWsim http://www.fwsim.com/

We found that the description on the website Fwsim reads, “These virtual fireworks displays were created with FWsim, the fireworks simulation software. You can use our software to design your own fireworks shows, with your favourite music.”

NewsMobile has debunked similar claims earlier too. The corresponding Fact Checks can be seen here and here.

Hence, it is clear that the viral video is a digitally simulated artwork and has no relation with Japan’s New Year 2022 celebration.

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