A video has gone viral on social media claiming that 40,000 American soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq have resigned and threw their medals away.

The video is being shared on Facebook with a caption in Hindi that can be roughly translated in English to, “40,000 American soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq resigned and threw away their war medals in solidarity with people of Afghanistan and Iraq. American soldiers acknowledged that the “War on Terror” was a war of deceit. They are apologizing to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.”

(Original Text: अफगानिस्तान और इराक में लड़ने वाले 40,000 अमेरिकी सैनिकों ने इस्तीफा दे दिया और अफगानिस्तान और इराक के लोगों के साथ एकजुटता में अपने युद्ध पदक फेंक दिए. अमेरिकी सैनिकों ने स्वीकार किया कि “आतंक पर युद्ध” एक धोके का युद्ध था। वे अफगानिस्तान और इराक के लोगों से माफी मांग रहे हैं)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be MISLEADING.

Starting with our investigation, we did a keyword search but we could not find any credible media report corroborating the viral claim. Had such an event happened, it would have been covered by news outlets.

We then extracted keyframes from the video and performed a Reverse Image Search. This led us to a YouTube video uploaded on May 12, 2012, that featured a similar video. The description of the video reads, “No NATO, No War”: U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit. On Sunday, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as members of Afghans For Peace, led a peace march of thousands of people. Iraq Veterans Against the War held a ceremony where nearly 50 veterans discarded their war medals by hurling them down the street in the direction of the NATO summit.”

We also found a news article published by Democracy Now on May 21, 2012, that carried the same viral video stating that nearly 50 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars discarded their war medals by hurling them down the street in the direction of the NATO summit in 2012.

Searching further, we found a news article by Reuters that reported the same incident. The article dated May 21, 2012, read, “Nearly 50 U.S. military veterans at an anti-NATO rally in Chicago threw their service medals into the street, an action they said symbolized their rejection of the U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Thus, it is evident from the above information that an old video is being falsely shared as resignation of 40,000 American soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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