A screenshot of an article attributed to New York Times is being widely shared on social media. The article’s title reads, “Teachers Should Tolerate Bullying Towards Unvaccinated Children.”

Social media users are sharing the image with different captions, one of which reads, “They have never cared about your well being. It’s always been about control and feeling better about themselves.”

The link to the post can be seen here.


NewsMobile did a fact-check and found the claim to be fake.

We searched with the title on Google but could not find any such report by New York Times. We also searched on the website of New York Times but our search drew a blank.

Checking further, we found that New York Times also tweeted and refuted the viral post. The tweet read: “From @ReutersFacts: “Image purporting to show New York Times opinion piece calling for teachers to ‘tolerate bullying towards unvaccinated children’ is digitally altered”

Thus the viral image is digitally morphed and no such article has been published by New York Times.

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