Amid COVID-19 surge in India, a post is doing rounds on social media claiming that World Health Organization (WHO) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have said that if precautions are not taken by Indians in the next 20 hours, then India will go into the third stage i.e. community transmission in the coming days and subsequently, the country will witness 50,000 deaths by April 15.

A Facebook user shared the post with a Hindi caption:

*अगले 20 घ॔टे भारत के लिए भारी*
*WHO ICMR की भारत को चेतावनी*
WHO ICMR ने कहा है कि यदि 20 घ॔टे में भारतीय नहीं सुधरे तो भारत कल रात 11 बजे के बात ‘THIRD STEP” यानी ” कम्युनिटी ट्रान्शमिशन”में प्रवेश कर जायेगा। और अगर भारत कल रात तक थर्ड स्टेज यानी कम्यूनिटी ट्रांशमिशन में जाता है तो भारत मे 15 APRIL तक लगभग 50000(पचास हजार) तक मौतें हो सकती हैं,क्यूँकि अन्य देशों की अपेक्षा भारत का जनसंख्या घनत्व बहुत अधिक है परन्तु भारतीय अभी तक इसकी गम्भीरता को नहीं समझ रहे हैं।
ईश्वर से दुआ करो की कल तक भारत सेकेंड स्टेज में ही रहे।
सभी नागरिकों से निवेदन प्लीज मस्ती मजाक सलाह कोरेना से सम्बंधित खबर छोड़ आज रात तक जितना हो ये फैलाओ की कुछ भी हो जाये *72 से 108 घण्टा बिल्कुल भी न निकले* क्योकि कल भारत 3 स्टेज में शायद जा सकता है प्लीज सभी को अंदर रहने के लिये प्रेरीत करो

*अगर उचित समझें तो इसे इतना शेयर करो कि पूरे भारत में फैला दो*

(Translation: The next 20 hours are crucial for India WHO-ICMR warns India. They have said that if Indians do not amend their ways in 20 hours, India will enter into the ‘third step’ i.e. ‘community transmission’ tomorrow night at 11 pm. And if India goes into the third stage i.e. community transmission by tomorrow night, India can have about 50000 (fifty thousand) deaths by 15 April, because India has a higher population density than other countries but Indian still don’t understand the seriousness of this. Pray to God that India stays in the second stage till tomorrow. Request to all citizens, please leave the news related to fun and joke about the corona and spread this as much as you can till tonight that whatever happens, and do not come out for 72 to 108 hours because India may go to 3rd stage tomorrow. Hi please encourage everyone to stay inside If you think it is appropriate, share it so much that it spreads all over India.)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be false.
Firstly, we searched for related news items and found several media reports which rejected the claim in the viral post.
You can check the above media reports here, here and here.
On digging further we found a tweet by WHO South-East Asia, in which it was said that a video claiming that the organisation has warned of 50,000 COVID-19 deaths by April 15 in India is fake.

Hence, from the above information, it is clear that the top global health body and ICMR have not issued any warning saying India will witness 50,000 COVID-19 deaths by April 15. The claim in the viral post is FALSE.

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