A screenshot of a news report related to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is going viral on social media. In the screenshot, it is being claimed that Pfizer has announced an upgrade for its COVID-19 vaccine and it now includes a Microsoft chip for reduced symptoms. 

A Facebook user has shared the screenshot with a caption that reads, “Pfizer just released a new statement for investors citing they’ve inked a deal with Microsoft to integrate their Pluton processor chip to reduce symptoms associated with the vaccine.” 

Here’s the link to the above post

Check similar posts here, here, and hereThe post has gone viral on Facebook.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be fake. 

Firstly, we checked the website and social media pages of Microsoft and Pfizer but did not find any such announcement. 

We then noticed the name of “ValueWalk” website is written in the viral screenshots. Taking a cue from this, we searched the web and found a similar article on their website

In the news, a statement was given by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “This is a great revolution in medicine, with the addition of Microsoft’s powerful Pluton chip, it will make tracking the data of vaccine recipients easier than ever. We can use this chip to regulate body temperature, reduce chances of COVID-19 contraction, and make one more likely to choose our products over Apple.”

If Satya Nadella had indeed made a statement of this kind or if companies like Pfizer-Moderna had entered into an agreement with big tech companies Microsoft and Apple, then the news would have been published in all the major media websites about this. But we did not get any such news anywhere.   

At the end of the news article, it is written that this article first appeared on The Stonk Market. We searched The Stonk Market on the web and found the same article published there as well. 

Although, scrolling the page we across a statement where it was written that thestonkmarket.com is a satirical website related to economic issues. Its primary focus is on content related to ‘financial humor’. 

Earlier other website had also refuted this viral claim. 

Thus, from the above information, it is evident that the news of Pfizer’s inclusion of Microsoft chip in the coronavirus vaccine is false and the article was written only as a satire piece. It has nothing to do with reality. 

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