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News Mobile Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a Singapore based innovative digital mobile and content tech company leading the innovation efforts to detect misinformation and fake news.

With our advanced work with our global partners working on AI and Deep fake detection, NewsMobile was the only fact checker in Asia to win the coveted Poynter Facebook global tech innovation challenge in 2020. With decades of global experience, we provide a range of solutions and domain expertise.

Founded by leading award winning Asian journalist Saurabh Shukla we created a niche as content creators and misinformation and disinformation detection experts having conducted over 3000 fact checks.

We are at the forefront of detecting and debunking COVID and Vaccine misinformation and also climate related misinformation.


NewsMobile has been a leader in busting COVID and COVID vaccine misinformation.


Our Service Portfolio


Misinformation and Disinformation detection and fake news debunking services.


Media Advisory services to ensure brand and reputation management in a digital age. Branded Content creation service, content created for your brand or organisation which is bespoke. Conferences and Events organizing services. From hosting your events to creating thought leadership forums team NewsMobile Apac can help you do this with ease.


Upskilling and Skill development modules and training on crisis communication, misinformation and disinformation detection, fake news detection and mobile media, newsroom management and social media training.


Content creation made for mobile, video and content creation for brands.


Advanced AI innovation in mobile and digital Platform

Our Team

Saurabh Shukla

Founder, Editor in Chief


Senior Advisor


Executive Editor
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