The G20 Summit will cement India’s place in the world


    The G20 Summit brings together the world leaders of the world’s largest or most influential economies in one place. As one of the fastest growing economies as well as a rapidly progressing regional power in the world, India was a natural member in the G20 grouping that replaced the smaller G8 grouping that was criticized for being too narrow in its membership and world view.

    The G20 as an international forum allows India to negotiate and discuss both with developed and developing economies on equal terms. Also, the G20 as an international forum compels member nations to look beyond domestic interests and work together to create a framework for the future.

    In this regard, as a growing power, the G20 Summit offers India the perfect opportunity to play a pivotal role in influencing the future vision of the world, one which does not favour any one power, but rather promotes international cooperation and multilateralism.

    Indications of this thought process are already present as PM Modi lead the discussion on counter-terrorism cooperation before the first working session of the G20 Summit. India taking the lead in an international forum shows the global recognition of India not only as a regional power but also as a global partner. The Prime Minister, on his successive foreign tours, has stressed bilateral cooperation on a range of issues and programs and the same could very easily be expanded at a multilateral environment such as the G20 Summit.