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Women’s Day special: From the streets of small town to the glitters of metropolis

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Women’s Day special: From the streets of small town to the glitters of metropolis

I was born in a small town in India. This is not the India of the metropolitan cities, of malls and multiplexes, of women driving cars even planes, women in high positions in the corporate world, of independent, empowered women.

It is the other India. Here apathy for women is the norm. It is this apathy and disregard, if not downright oppression sometimes, that gives a small town girl the magic wand of grit and gumption to survive in any big town.

Time to go #BeyondMeToo this International Women’s Day

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, “Oh crap, she’s up!”

The devil here is anyone who thinks women deserve less, women are objects, women can’t do it or women can be used and abused sexually, emotionally or physically for prejudiced one-upmanship.

Check out some travel destinations especially for women

Those days are gone when women had to rely on the company of men to go on a holiday. Though when it comes to travel alone, one still has to look out for themselves and find a balance between enjoyment and safety. But there are still several such locations around the world, which are ample fun and ample safety.So here are 5 exotic countries which are
“cool-to-go” for solo women travellers

Barbie introduces 17 inspiring dolls in honour of International Women’s Day

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Barbie introduces 17 inspiring dolls in honor of International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Barbie is honoring accomplished role models with their very own dolls.

From aviator Amelia Earhart to USA Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim, Barbie created 17 realistic-looking dolls inspired by impactful women from all different backgrounds and occupational fields.

How women entrepreneurs take up the startup challenge?

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We are celebrating International Women’s Day and today women are at the forefront in almost all walks of life. Whether she is a homemaker, a social worker, an employee, a business partner or a self-established entrepreneur, women have proved their mettle everywhere.

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