Elon Musk says this could lead to World War III: Find out more

Elon Musk says this could lead to World War III: Find out more

After the comments of the Russian president Vladimir Putin on AI (Artificial Intelligence), where he said that ”the country that perfects AI will be the ruler of the world”, Tesla chief Elon Musk, one of the leading faces in the AI industry took on Twitter to express his views on Putin’s remarks.

Elon Musk strongly believes that experimenting too much with AI could be catastrophic for man kind. He earlier this year had a verbal spat with the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, where he said that Zuckerberg’s knowledge about AI is ‘very limited’.

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He believes that advanced AI can probably surpass human bonds and develop preemptive skills that could trigger World War III.


The conversation on Twitter escalated to the ongoing North Korea’s threat to the US. Musk said that North Korea’s threat is low on the list of concerns, as there are no countries in the favour of North Korea regime.

He also tweeted that government can gain full access to AI developed by the companies without any restrictions.

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The USA is currently the leading country in the terms of AI industry, however, China is catching up fast after it has emerged as the global centre of AI innovation. Jack Ma, head of China’s Alibaba also shares the belief with Elon Musk on AI’s untapped power which could prove fatal in future.

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