Not just drink, swim in this world’s largest beer pool

Not just drink, swim in this world's largest beer pool

Austria has something special for drinking enthusiasts, it is now home to the world’s first series of beer pools.

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The pools are the part of the Scholz Starkenberger Brewery in Tarrentz, Austria. You can enjoy a two-hour session splashing around 13-feet high beer filled pool by shelling out 200 pounds (Rs 16000).

With 42,000 pints it is believed by the brewery that having a session in the pool has some health benefits. The pool located in 700-year-old Starkenberger castle can help curing skin problems with beer’s rich vitamin and calcium content.

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Apart from chilling in the beer pool, you can treat yourself by having fresh home made brews along with whiskeys to end you brew cravings.


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