Here’s why you should have whisky with water

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Here's why you should have whisky with water

Neat, on the rocks, or with a dash of mineral water- three choices and disagreements among your drinking buddies which finally comes to an end, as it has been revealed what is the best way to have Whisky.

Researchers have revealed that diluting whisky can enhance its flavour as adding water boosts the concentration of flavour compounds at the surface of the drink, helping to unleash the rich mix of aromas.

According to a report, Björn Karlsson, a chemist at Linnæus University in Sweden and the paper’s co-author, said: “What came out from our study is that adding water to whisky should make it taste better.”

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Karlsson and his co-author, Ran Friedman, had come across the idea that adding water to whisky improved the taste and aroma. “Neither of us are big whisky drinkers,” he said. “But we were interested in the chemistry.”

To investigate why adding water could intensify flavour, rather than the reverse, they developed a simple computational model to look at the interactions of water, ethanol – whisky’s two basic ingredients – and a flavour compound called guaiacol that comes from the charred oak casks used to mature Scotch and has a characteristically sweet, smoky flavour.

In the distillery, cask strength whisky, which can be more than 60% alcohol by volume, is typically diluted to 40-45%.

The new paper, published in the journal Scientific Reports, showed that diluting a whisky from 45% to 27% boosted the density of guaiacol at the surface by more than one-third.

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