Now a sex festival in a British town creates controversy

STIAN_FLAMEFEST FESTIVAL_IMAGE001 LOCALS living in the Royal spa town of Tunbridge Wells are 'disgusted' after finding out that a self-proclaimed 'kinky sex festival' is taking place this weekend. Organisers of the Flamefest festival, are expecting more than 500 revellers at the three day bash in Brokes Wood - set in nine-acres of ancient woodland - in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The event, which boasts an outdoor S&M dungeon, an adult 'play area', hot tubs, and promises to allow revellers to 'explore pain, experience pleasure and fulfil their fantasies' at the 'mystical site'. It states the the ancient woodlands have been used by 'witches' covens' for centuries and that tickets are on sale for £110 if you bring your own tent, or £300 if you stay in a 'luxury boutique tent'. Organisers say the 'fetish area' will be overseen by an 'award-winger porn star' called Zara DuRose. STIAN ALEXANDER 07528 679198

Residents of a sleepy town are in uproar as more than 500 swingers are all set to takeover a nearby woodland for a ‘kinky sex festival.’

More than 500 revellers are set to attend Flamefest in Royal Tunbridge Wells for the three-day festival which boasts of outdoor S&M dungeon and ‘adult play area’.

Tickets are on sale for £110 ie Rs 9097 for those pitching their own tent, or £300 ie Rs 24812 for a ‘luxury boutique tent’.

Festival-goers are encouraged to ‘explore pain, experience pleasure and fulfil their fantasies’ at the ‘mystical site’.


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Events at the fest include ‘kink education sessions’ and a ‘supervised adult play area…where few exhibitionists will certainly be eager to show off their talents.’

Organisers believe that the ‘philosophy’ of the festival is to ‘bring communities together, especially the kinksters, the ravers and those on the “conscious” scene’.

Event manager Helen Smedley insisted that the members of the public would not witness ‘outdoor sex’ as revellers would have ‘safe places’ to go.

She said: “It will involve music, workshops, getting at one with nature. We’ve got guests coming from all over Kent. We’ve had someone fly in from Romania and Australia.

We allow people the safe place to have sex, we’re monitors, just to make sure everyone’s safe. There’s nothing that happens in view, on site. People go off to their tents to meet like minded people. It is a very, very small and private event really. We have strict rules on sex and nudity outside one tent which is completely blacked out.
‘We are really concerned about the residents and making sure this passes with as little difficulties for them as possible.”

Interestingly, Photography is banned inside the festival and revellers are encouraged to don ‘festival wear and fetish wear…but keep in mind that nudity is only permitted in the adult play marquee.’
The website adds: ‘Sex, nudity and BDSM (bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism) activities are STRICTLY confined to the adult play marquee and your tent.’

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However, various locals have expressed their disgust at the festival.
Labour councillor Dianne Hill said she had received a large number of complaints from several locals since the festival’s location was announced this week.

She said: ” I’m no prude but this is the wrong place for this sort of thing. These people are coming for an orgy and it’s going to create hell on the roads as the woods can only be got to along a single track road. It’s a residential area. A big worry is they say there will be coaches coming down – where are they going to park? People are obviously going to be concerned about the noise.”

Local Chris Herbert added: “Tunbridge Wells is not the place for a sex festival. We don’t want a bunch of perverts descending on our town.”

Dave Peters, 42, added: ” This is not the kind of thing we want going on here.
‘These people are coming for an orgy and it’s going to create hell on the roads as the woods can only be got to along a single track road.”

Flamefest starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday in Brokes Wood.


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