How would iOS 11 look like on the Apple iPhone 8’s edge-to-edge screen

How would iOS 11 look like on the Apple iPhone 8's edge-to-edge screen

Apple lovers can’t get enough with the i Phone when it comes to new launches every year. The much awaited next i Phone is speculated to be launched later this year and it has already created a buzz by giving few hints of the beginning of next generation Phones with an edge-to-edge screen which is similar to Samsung’s infinity screen.

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According to the hints by Apple, the next i phone is almost clear in the mind of Apple enthusiasts. Keeping in mind the hardware, Visual and user interface designer Max Rudberg decided to give a virtual representation of Apple’s anticipated phone with iOS 11.

With 5.8 inches all new edge-to-edge OLED screen change would allow a larger screen to fit in a smaller physical form factor. It also indicates that the Apple would face problem fitting this version of iOS in the new hardware.

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The three concepts by Max presents the virtual feasibility to overcome this problem by the Apple.

The three option presented by Max could help the developers, however, Apple developers wouldn’t have to redesign their apps for a new longer aspect ratio if that’s the case.




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