Daenerys and Cersei delivers ‘The Queen’s Justice’ in their own ways

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Daenerys and Cersei delivers 'The Queen's Justice' in their own ways

The Queen’s Justice- the third chapter of the seventh season of Game of Thrones revolves around the show stalkers- Daenerys and Cersei tightly packed with unexpected emotions and intensity with parallel stories almost poetically entwined.


Both Daenerys and Cersei the ‘queens’ were given even opportunities to deliver justice and keeping up to their characteristics one chose to be altruistic while the other one showcased her unimaginable cruelty to her enemy

Meanwhile, the king of the North Jon Snow and Daenerys finally met for the first time proving the speculations of being best of friends or even spark romance, wrong, as what happens was instead logical and respectable thing between the two.

Now, with the two facing each other, you are left to wonder which side to really take. Who is right in this long, very fulfilling, exchange of dialogue?

Demanding Daenerys wanting Jon to bend the knee to her, seems unreasonable, but at the same time Jon refusing to do so make things intense and grip the fans about how things will turn out to be.

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Taking sides between Daenerys and Jon might be unfair and that makes the good collision. It might be too early choose one out of the two.

In Westeros, Cersei being Cersei brings to reality as she found Ellaria and her daughter to take the cold blooded revenge of the murder of her daughter.

Meanwhile, Indira Varma gave a stunningly emotional performance, brimming with pain and torture, with only her eyes.

In the Winterfell, it was an emotional moment for the Starks as Bran finally meets Sansa in what felt like a bit of a downer.

The episode was high on expectations but moderate in reality. But it’s still just beginning and many more episodes to come. So hold tight because ‘Winter is here and dead are coming’.


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