Maldives parliament blocked for impeachment vote, opposition


Soldiers and Military roughed up against the opposition lawmakers by spraying pepper spray to block them from entering the parliament and taking part in the impeachment vote against the speaker, according to the opposition leaders.

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The opposition is in a bid to unseat the current Speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed who is a close aid to President Abdulla Yameen, for blocking the request to summon an accused government official.

“We were dragged, pepper sprayed, and tear gassed by the police and brutally stopped from entering the parliament,” said one of the opposition lawmakers.

The opposition is blaming President Yameen for blocking the Parliament as he is sure of losing the vote.

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The political unrest in Maldives since Mohamed Nasheed was dramatically elected as the first democratic president of the island nation in 2012.

The opposition also alleges that the president’s administration is trying to cover up corruption including money laundering. The impeachment gained momentum after 10 Yameen loyalists in the 85-member legislature defected and joined the opposition to unseat him.




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