Donald Trump defends his son’s email contact with Russian officials

Trump flexes muscles on Twitter, says he 'has complete power to pardon'

US President Donald Trump has come out in defence of his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. after emails emerged that showed that the latter had accepted Russian help during the election campaign. The revelations further deepen the controversy surrounding the President and possible Russian involvement in Trump’s election victory.

A series of emails were released by Donald Trump Jr. revealed that he had agreed to meet a Russian government lawyer who had damaging information regarding Trump’s presidential rival Hillary Clinton. The emails also state the Russian government’s official support for Donald Trump.

President Trump on Wednesday went on record to extend his support for his son’s statements and condemned the news coverage and investigations into his campaign. Trump later termed the coverage and investigations as the “greatest witch hunt in political history.”

The emails are the first concrete evidence of Russian involvement in swinging the presidential elections in favour of Donald Trump. Trump’s presidency has been surrounded by the controversy since he took office, with FBI Director, James COmey being fired for his investigations into Russian involvement.


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