PM Modi’s op-ed in WSJ indicates his agenda in the US


Ahead of his meeting with US President Donald Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written an opinion editorial in the Wall Street Journal that gives an insight into the agenda for PM Modi’s visit to the US.

PM Modi hails the long standing relations fostered by both US and Indian governments. The Prime Minister goes further and writes about the growing bilateral trade between the two countries, stating that Indian companies have invested in American companies with US companies reciprocating by investing in India.

PM Modi also highlighted two key industries where India is currently developing, aviation and energy, and the potential for convergence between India and the US in these sectors. PM Modi has provided a word of assurance to the US administration that bilateral trade with India is beneficial for both nations.

PM Modi also addressed the Indian immigration to the US and states that Indian skilled labour has contributed significantly to the US economy and industry. He also wrote about defence cooperation between the US and India and emphasized cooperation in counter-terrorism efforts of both nations as a priority.

In essence, Prime Minister Modi’s op-ed shows the Prime Minister’s commitment to ensuring that India’s interests are secure in India-US relations while also assuring the US that India is not against Trump’s domestic plans but instead is a strong partner for those very plans.


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