Nine-year-old becomes youngest to climb Mount Elbrus


Mr Jignesh Mehta, Dr Sarika Mehta, Janam and Dhanshree did what normal families don’t do, they scaled Mount Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak at an altitude of 18,510 feet. On June 18th, Dhanshree, her 13-year-old brother Janam, their father and mother together scaled the peak. Dhanshree, a class IV student, made the Diamond City proud by becoming the youngest girl to climb Mount Elbrus in Russia.

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The climb began on June 13 and it was really a test of patience for the little ones as the old ones. “At one time, we even decided to return after encountering a very violent storm. We were extremely worried for the kids. However, they were determined. They said since we had already scaled 3\4th of the mountain, let’s reach the peak,” Dr Sarika, a doctor, mountaineer and a biker told.

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“We caught each other and stood at times not to get dragged away by winds and held on to the rope when the peak was just 10-12 metres away. It took us a long time to climb just 10 m at one point of time due to high-velocity winds,” said Janam, who wants to be a mechanical engineer and climb all seven summits of the world. Dhanshree said, “My mother has not climbed Mt Everest and I also want to go there. We will again go on a family climb and conquer Mt Everest one day.”


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