Trump Being Investigated for Possible Obstruction of Justice


The Counsel appointed to probe alleged Russain meddling in the 2016 US presidential polls is now also investigating Donald Trump. The investigation by Special counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI chief, “marks a major turning point in the nearly year-old FBI investigation, which which until recently focused on Russian meddling during the presidential campaign and on whether there was any coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin,” The Washington Post reported.

The Daily said, quoting anonymous US officials that investigators have also been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes by Trump associates. According to the paper, “The investigation has been cloaked in secrecy, and it is unclear how many others have been questioned by the FBI.” The paper also stated, “The investigation is examining possible contacts with Russian operatives as well as any suspicious financial activity related to those individuals.”

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Trump’s personal attorney Marc Kasowitz has been handling all questions related to this matter. “The FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal,” Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Kasowitz, was quoted as saying.
The Post reported that the obstruction of justice investigation of the US President began soon after James Comey was fired as the FBI Director.

Indian-born former top US federal prosecutor Preet Bharara said that there was enough evidence to begin an obstruction of justice case against Trump over his alleged interference in the Russia probe.

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Trump responded that he is “100 per cent” willing to testify under oath on Comey meetings, claiming that he never asked the FBI to stop investigating. A day before the report came out, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a close aide of the President, denied any role in this alleged meddling, dismissing the accusations as an “appalling and detestable lie.”

Session’s testimony came in the midst of Comey’s assertion that he believed he was fired by Trump in order to influence the agencies’ investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential polls.

Sessions’ testimony came in the wake of fired FBI Director Comey’s assertion that he believed he was fired by Trump as part of an effort to influence the agencies’ investigation into Russia’s meddling in the presidential polls.


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