Iran sends 5 planes of vegetables to help Qatar amid concerns of shortage

Iran, Sends, Planes, Vegetables, Qatar, Gulf Diplomatic Crisis

Iran sent five planes loaded with vegetables and fruits to help Qatar in the times of Diplomatic crisis with neighboring Gulf countries on Sunday, according to the reports.

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“We are sending planes carrying 90 tons of fruits and vegetables each to help Qatar in the times of concerned shortage,” Iran Air official said.

“We will continue deliveries as long as there is demand” he added.

Apart from planes, three ships also left Iranian Port with 350 tons of food supply for Qatar, according to the sources. Dayar post is the closest port to Qatar.

The help from Iran came amid the times of the Qatar’s biggest diplomatic crisis with its neighboring Gulf Countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain,  United Arab Emirates, plus Egypt and Yemen.

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Iran has also opened its airspace to more than 100 Qatari flights per day.


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