Taylor Swift ends feud with Spotify, allows service to host her music


    American pop singer, Taylor Swift has ended her three year feud with Spotify by releasing her entire music catalogue on the music streaming service and other similar services.

    Swift had taken her music off all music streaming services in 2014 as she complained that streaming services, like Spotify, do not properly compensate artists for music streamed for free. Taylor Swift later allowed all her albums to be streamed on Apple Music, a completely paid music streaming service by Apple.

    The absence of her music from most popular music streaming services meant that her hit singles did not perform as well on the Billboard charts as the singles from other artists.

    In the announcement, Taylor Swift stated that the reason her entire music catalogue was being made available on all music streaming services in celebration of her last album, 1989, selling 10 million albums worldwide and to thank her fans for their support


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