India slams Pakistan at UNHRC

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Indian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Rajiv K Chander, declared the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir as an Indian state, denying OCHRC (Office of Commissioner of Human Rights Commission) mention of the region of Kashmir as “the Indian -administered Jammu and Kashmir”.

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The statement was issued at the United Nation’s Human Right Council in Geneva on Wednesday.

The statement by India clearly stated that the central problem and tensions along the borders of Jammu and Kashmir are mainly due to Pakistan’s use of terrorism. In the official statement by India at the 35th Human Rights Council, it was stated that India believes in the zero tolerance of terrorism and it’s an obligation for the whole world towards eradicating such evil.

India said in the statement that “India has robust and independent media and civil society combined with an impartial judiciary that acts as the sentinel of Indian democracy”.

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India strongly opposed against the blame and name game in the name of Human Rights in the current diverse society prevailing in the country.


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