‘Are you on Twitter?’, NBC journalist Megyn Kelly asks PM Modi; Indian twitterati react


Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Russia was a trip that promoted deeper relations with Russia and President Vladimir Putin, but the highlight of the trip comes from an unexpected question.

American journalist, Megyn Kelly, met the Indian Prime Minister and Russian President on Thursday and asked PM Modi a question that seemed to be ignorant of who she was meeting.

Before conducting an interview for NBC News, the journalist greeted PM Modi and President Putin. While she was greeting the Prime Minister, PM Modi mentioned that he saw a tweet Kelly had posted earlier.

Megyn Kelly then replied, “Oh really! Are you on Twitter?” The Prime Minister answered with a simple “Yes” and laughed the question off. Indian twitterati, on the other hand, were less forgiving.

Twitter users were quick to answer Kelly’s question, with many comparing PM Modi’s 30 million followers to Megyn Kelly’s relatively small 2.3 million followers. Other users also pointed out that Kelly should have done some basic homework before meeting the Indian Prime Minister. Prime Minister Modi is the third most followed world leader after Pope Francis and Donald Trump.


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