Get wasted in this ‘Walking Dead’ themed bar


If you are a zombie fan then here’s a good news for you, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a ‘Walking Dead’ bar in Edinburg.  It’s based in a bar called One Below on Howe Street, and it’s open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings until the end of June.


There are chalked messages, the headless corpse which is popping out of a window and words written with blood on the walls in the bar with some refreshing drinks. To give the bar a suitably “Terminus-y” vibe, it’s strewn with ration cans, barbed wire, newspaper, and survival gear.

Every drink there is based on ‘The Walking Dead’ theme with a syringe shot that contains a cocktail shot, wild turkey whisky and a cookie for the sweet tooths.


Looking at the mocktails are also very strong, we started with “Lesson One”: Hershel’s elderberry tea with rye whisky. 


At the end, I would like to tell all of you to visit here once!


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