Here’s how you can get a free stay and babysit some adorable pooches


Just imagine what a life it would be if you get to stay at the best of the locations with adorable furry friends for company? Dreams can come true and it has! If we tell you that you’ll get to babysit super cute dogs and get to stay in the best houses, isn’t it cute?

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You’ll be going to have a gala time with the pooches, taking care of them while their owners are out on vacation. Trusted Housesitters¬†can offer you a job you’re going to absolutely love. It includes free, convenient stays, and taking care of pets.


If you are a pet owner and you want to travel guilt free, the vetted travellers will look after your pets. You can think in another way as you get to stay in luxurious places for free, just for taking care of the pets! The website provides opportunities in Europe and UK and is gaining ground in Australia and North America.


And how to be an ideal candidate for this company? This can be done by pet sitting in your local area and getting good reviews for that. The opportunities that await you are immense. We’re talking three-storey mansions and poolsides, farmhouses and villas – the possibilities are huge with a little something for everyone. All you have to do is sign up for a membership starting $9.92 onwards.


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