ARM announces new processors; aims to power machine learning and AI


British company, ARM has unveiled the new generation of ARM CPUs and GPUs. The CPUs include the ARM Cortex-A75 and the Cortex-A55. The Cortex-A75 has been designed for flagship devices while the Cortex-A55 will power mid-range devices. ARM also launched the Mali-G72 GPU for mobile devices.

The CPUs offer at least 20 percent improvements over their predecessors in terms of power and energy efficiency. The new processors are geared towards tackling the challenges of machine learning and AI, both of which are increasingly making their way on to mobile devices while also offering enough power to handle virtual reality and augmented reality, both power-intensive tasks.

ARM also announced its new Dynamiq technology with the A75 and A55 processors, allowing manufacturers like Qualcomm and Apple to produce chips which feature a mix of CPU clusters featuring big (A75) processors and small (A55) processors. Manufacturers can spec cluster combinations of up to eight processors, allowing chip makers to achieve cost and power efficiency while not sacrificing raw performance.

ARM’s processor architecture forms the basis on which well-known chip manufacturers base their designs on. Qualcomm, Samsung’s Exynos, and Apple’s A-series processors are all based on ARM architecture. The improvements in ARM’s processor architecture will feature on the next iterations from the processor manufacturers.


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