UK couple gets a shocker live shrimp in their breakfast

British couple, Cambodia, shrimp
British couple, Cambodia, shrimp

A British couple were left poker-faced then they got a big more than they ordered for breakfast in Cambodia.

The duo ordered a raw salad but it was baffled when they lifted the lid of their dish to find live shrimp jumping out at them.

The man who caught the clip on camera zoomed in on the shrimp in disbelief, showing the animals squirming and jumping around the table.

 British couple, Cambodia, shrimp

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He captioned the video saying:

‘I decided to play it safe with the pork and fried rice. Stef, however, went for the raw shrimp salad.’
‘I just thought they would be uncooked but they were actually raw and once the lid was off, they started jumping around the table!’ he added.

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So-called ‘dancing shrimp’ is a delicacy in some parts of south east Asia and has baffled western tourists for years.

 British couple, Cambodia, shrimp

One traveller Steven Makintosh, blogged his experience of the food in Thailand, writing: ‘I could not believe people eat this stuff – the shrimp were jumping out of the container.

‘I was sitting on the beach and some guy walks up with a bucket of water and live shrimp.

‘He mixed up a few herbs and spices and my friends dug right in.
‘I was a little slower to follow. They didn’t even bother to remove the shells or legs. It was crazy.’


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