No Shave November: Ditch your razors for a noble cause

chemotherapy, radiation, November, No shave November, Cancer
chemotherapy, radiation, November, No shave November, Cancer

November is here and so is ‘No Shave November’. As soon as calendar changes to November, our social media feeds are full of #NoShaveNovember. So for many of a question strikes; What exactly is this thing? Is it a new ‘look’ that people sport? Is it a new trend? Why grow beards? Do women fall for that? Or is it another way of being ‘macho’?

Well, it’s none of that. No Shave November is an initiative for cancer patients. Yes, you read that right. The idea is to appreciate hair — you know how chemotherapy and radiation session makes them fall until there’s no more of it, right? But more than that, No Shave November is all about letting the hair grow and donating the money you saved by not shaving to the No Shave November campaign.

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This money then reaches cancer patients who could really use it. Founded in 2003, ‘No-Shave November’ is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

chemotherapy, radiation, November, No shave November, Cancer

This initiative has raised over $650 million with 21 campaigns in different countries. Did we know beards could raise so much of money? No, we didn’t.

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It’s also called Movember, the ‘Mo’ coming all the way down from Australia, where it means ‘Moustache’.

chemotherapy, radiation, November, No shave November, Cancer

So, that’s what No Shave November is all about. If you see people posting pictures of their beard on one day calling it their contribution and shaving it right off the very next day, wring their ears and tell them the rules. There are rules, too? Of course.

  • You’ve got to shave your face, head, whatever on October 31. No stubbles are allowed, okie. And no cheating. For the next one month, avoid razors like a disease. No, no.


  • Take a before picture and at the end of the month, take an after picture. Your No Shave November is officially successful.

chemotherapy, radiation, November, No shave November, Cancer

In fact, this is a great initiative in which women should also participate. While for many women stepping out without waxing might gives nightmares, yet, being comfortable in one’s natural skin is something that should become a ‘trend’. If No Shave November helps drive that point across, why leave that opportunity?

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So not for the sake of Social Media attention, grow your beard and join the great initiative and by the end of month donate the money you save by ditching razors for a month.


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