Smiles fade as Kerry leaves Afghanistan


Kabul: The power struggle between the two Afghan candidates continues almost a month since the preliminary results of the elections – which will see President Hamid Karzai leave his seat of 10 years to either World Bank technocrat Ashraf Ghani or former mujahedeen Abdullah Abdullah.

While the US has made efforts for a smooth transition of power, it has failed to make any large impact on the process. Most recently Secretary of State John Kerry brokered a deal between the candidates after accusations of vote fraud threatened to derail the entire process.

Under the deal an audit of all the eight million votes supervised by the UN would see the victor establish a government with national unity, and become the 13th president of Afghanistan.

But, just as Kerry’s plane took off from Kabul, so did the smiles. The two candidates again disagreeing on the terms of the audit. However, people are still hopeful as the process goes on after last week’s jolts to see the country move from an authoritarian President’s rule.

If the compromise plays out, the country’s power will be shared between the president and a chief executive. This will help a nation seeped in militancy and corruption to be more accountable and grow out from the one-man show.


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