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All climbing on Mount Everest has been cancelled for the rest of 2014 over safety fears. A deadly avalanche on 18 April killed 16 Sherpa mountain guides – the worst accident in Everest’s history. It sparked a big disorder between Nepal’s government and the Sherpas over safety conditions, and how much they’re paid. A week after the accident, climbers began to leave the mountain as hopes faded of making the summit during the annual ‘weather window’ – the period each year when the weather is favourable to reach the top. It could be the first year since the 1970s that nobody reaches the summit of the mountain.

An exact copy of Tutankhamun’s famous tomb has been built in Egypt, to protect the original. The ancient tomb discovered in 1922 by British archaeologist Howard Carter stunned the world because it was in almost perfect condition.But now, the large number of people visiting is causing its delicate walls to fall apart. The plan is to save the tomb by building an exact copy using laser scanners and 3D printers. It’s hoped that tourists will go and see the copy, instead of the fragile original.

Researchers have identified significant changes in the patterns of extreme wet and dry events that are increasing the risk of drought and flood in central India, one of the most densely populated regions on Earth.The discoveries are the result of a new partnership between climate scientists and statisticians that focused on utilising statistical methods for studying rare geophysical events.These new approaches reveal that the intensity of extremely wet spells and the number of extremely dry spells during the South Asian monsoon season have both been increasing in recent decades.

The last letter to be written on the Titanic ship has been sold for £119,000 at auction.It was written by survivors Esther Hart and her seven-year-old daughter Eva, eight hours before the ship hit an iceberg.It is said to be the only known example written on the Titanic.The letter only survived because it was in the pocket of her husband’s coat which he gave her to keep warm.It was meant for her mother in Chadwell Heath, East London. Part of the Titanic letter written the day the ship hit an iceberg The winning bid was but fees and other charges brought the total to £119,000, which the auctioneers said was a new world record for a Titanic letter.

A New York pilot has claimed that he has found an online image of the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 in an unbroken state.  Michael Hoebel, 60, said he found an image of what appeared to be the plane in one piece in the Gulf of Thailand, the exact point where the plane made its last communication with air traffic control before vanishing off the radar on March 8. Hoebel used the online satellite imagery website TomNod to find the jetliner and was taken aback after he discovered the plane in an unbroken state.



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