Hamid Mir warned of another attack


Karachi: Hamid Mir, the senior journalist working at Geo News who survived a gun attack in Karachi over a week ago, has allegedly been receiving messages ‘advising’ him to leave Pakistan or face another attack.

In his interview to BBC Urdu, the anchor insisted an “ISI within the ISI” with ties to jihadi groups were behind the April 19 gun attack. His remarks come even as a storm has ripped the news organisation accusing the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of masterminding the attack.

Mir added that recently in one of his live television programmes he had sought to identify a man who called himself Major Wajahat and was threatening him. “I put out his name, and cell phone number”. “The most worrying thing is that outfits that have been banned by the government have been staging rallies in the support of ISI.”

Mir went on to say that there were some people who posed at friend, but brought in messages from the enemy. “They bring messages that there will be another attack on you, leave Pakistan. Just yesterday, someone very responsible visited me and told me that I will be attacked again. People pose as my well-wishers and say that I should leave.”

Asked who the enemies were, Mir said they were the ones who were tracking his movement. “My attackers are those who track the movement of Pakistani journalists, tap their phones. Only they could know from which flight, at what time Hamid Mir will reach Karachi, and which car will go to pick him, when will they exit the airport and where to attack him where CCTV cameras are not working. Even the Karachi police chief is now admitting CCTV cameras there were not working at the time”.

Mir said that the police had refused to concern themselves beyond the incident itself. “The police representatives who came to me were creating a drama,” he claimed adding that he gave them the same statement he had released to the media.

“They were asking me about the incident and started to film me. I asked them why are you filming me? The officer said they were sorry”. Mir said that stopped giving the statement as they were violating the law, “they are asking a victim details of the incident and filming him as well”.



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