Here are a series of changes by Airbus to transform your travel experience

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Airbus announced on Monday at the Paris Air Show that it would give the cabins of its single-aisle A320 a new and glitzy look which is to start in 2020. The new designs carry A320’s twin-aisle siblings, the A330 neo and A350 XWB, which are both getting a similar cabin makeover.

It has given a new makeover to it overhead bins too, it’s overhead bins now fit eight bags instead of the usual five with space for larger bags. Other features include:

  1. Increased cabin width- new sidewall panels offer an extra inch of shoulder space 


2. Window shades that give more window area and better views 


3. A new lavatory design including mood lighting, automatic aroma dispenser and anti-bacterial coatings


4. Interior cabin lighting


5. Ceiling illumination